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Rosemala ~ less explored eco tourism spot in Kerala

This is our second trip to Rosemala. Our first trip was a failure as we ventured out in a car. We were forced to stop in the middle as the car would’t take us any further owing to bad roads. It’s easy to get a Jeep from Aryancavu to Rosemala,the fare is Rs 400 perside. There is also a bus route to Rosemala but for that we will have to travel early morning.

But if you miss this bus the only option is to depend on the jeep. The untarred path to Rosemala is heavenly for both eyes and soul. The only sounds that one could hear in this serene place was the humming of the wild and the roaring of the jeep.

Our truck driver was really helpful as he doubled as a guide, explaining to us each and every part of the forest.

Streams are common on the way to Rosemala. And the water is chilling even at noon.

Small temples are common in the forest, we have also seen several like this at Arippa forest.

The gates were wide open when we reached Rosemala, normally it is closed by night because of wildanimals.

This is the only hotel in rosemala. Meals available there. If you need any special dish it has to be ordered in advance. We had meals with fish curry and fry. Their food was mouthwatering, especially the spicy fish curry.

After reaching rosemala, we headed to the main hill, the view from there was splendid as we could see Rosemala and the other side. View of Kallada reservoir from Rosemala is breathtaking.

There is an old shiva idol temple on top of the hill which is facing rosemala. The renovation is till going on. An idol of Lord Ganesh (ganapathy) can also see on top of the hill.

After a tiring trek to the hill, went back to the hotel and had the delicious lunch.

We are planning to visit Rosemala again as our guide promised to take us to the origin of Palaruvi waterfalls, which is inside deep forest.

Rosemala, Kollam, Kerala, India


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