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Malanada ~ The temple of Kaurava King

Peruviruthy Malanada or Malanada is the only Duryodhana Temple in South India. The story is that as part of his efforts to trace out the “Pandavas” in exile, Duryodhanan traversed the forests in the south and reached Malanada hill. The annual festival of Malanada Temple is known as “Malakkuda”. It is amazing to witness the ceremonial display of giant wooden horses and bullocks in connection with the annual temple festival. Malakkuda Festival is celebrated during the summer, the second half of March every year in Kerala.

Talakad ~ temples buried under sand

Talakad (Talkad, Talakadu) knows as Dalavanapura and Gajaranya in sanskrit, was the capital of the Gangas, who ruled present Mysore, Mandya, Hassan, Bangalore and Kolar districts from the fourth to tenth centuary A.D. The Gangas were succeeded by the imperial Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara and the Mysore Wodeyars. It’s unbelievable that the historic site, Talakad once had over 30 temples that today are buried in sand. The old city Talakad is completely buried beneath the hills of sand stretching for nearly a mile in length, only the tops of two pagodas being visible. The sand hills used to advance upon the town at the rate of 9 or 10 feet a year, principally during the south-west monsoon and as they pressed it close on three sides. Stone pillars and majestic carvings in the mandapa of Vydyanatheshwara temple. The inhabitants of Talakad were constantly forced to abandon their houses and retreat further inland. The town, however, is increasing in population, owing to the rich wet cultivation in the neighbourhood. More than thirty temples, it is stated, are …